Information for GPs

Rhona is Medicare registered and can provide services under MBS item

  • 2700, 2701, 2715 or 2717 (GP mental health treatment plan)
  • 2712 (review of mental health treatment plan)
  • 721 and 723 (chronic disease management)

Rhona is also registered to treat patients for non directive pregnancy support (MBS item 81000). This item allows a GP to refer a woman to counselling for up to 3 sessions for any concerns during the perinatal period including a current pregnancy and a pregnancy in the last 12 months. The criteria for this item are quite broad. The referral does not require a mental health care plan and does not stop the same patient from also being referred under a mental health care plan at a later date within the same 12 month period. Rhona requires a referral letter with “non directive pregnancy support” as the referral reason for the patient to claim a rebate from Medicare under this item.

Rhona is also registered with Access + (formally ATAPS) through Northern Sydney Primary Health Network.

Waiting times are usually about one or two weeks but Rhona does recognise there are times when a patient needs to be seen immediately and this can nearly always be accommodated. Where necessary, Rhona can see patients out of office hours and in locations other than her rooms in Wahroonga for those who are unable to access her office ie, elderly, disabled or mums with small children.

Rhona’s commitment is to contact the referring GP with appropriate reports/feedback as is clinically appropriate and required under the above MBS items. Referrals and reports can be made electronically via Argus

Argus (preferred)
Please search for Rhona Barker in postcode 2076, or directly add to your practice software.

If GPs are not linked to Argus then paperwork can be faxed to Rhona on 02 9402 5823.