PBB Health Centre

I’m excited to report that a long time collaborator of mine and Registered Midwife, Jane Palmer, has opened PBB Health Centre in North Parramatta. On Mondays I can be found there working as the ‘in-house’ psychologist. Of course on the other days I practice at my rooms in Wahroonga and can even do home visits if that’s more convenient for you.

If you find North Parramatta more convenient then check out the PBB Health Centre website http://www.pbbhealthcentre.com.au/. Bookings can be made by phoning me or via PBB Health. GP’s can use ATAPS via WentWest Medicare Local. 


Rhona Barker has been in private practice in Wahroonga since 2009. Rhona doesn’t believe that any one psychological approach fits all but instead endeavours to discover with the client what works best for them.

Rhona offers Telehealth consultations and home visits as well as in room sessions.

Rhona accepts referrals via patient delivered letter or fax but preferably via Argus.



Certificate of Mental Health (Perinatal and Infant)

I’m about to commence some further formal education at the NSW Institute of Psychiatry. I have enrolled in the Certificate of Mental Health (Perinatal and Infant) which can lead to a Diploma and the Masters course should it prove valuable. This won’t effect the usual hours of the practice. I chose this course because it focuses on the area I have the most interest – Perinatal and Infant Psychology. I’m excited to be learning new information about a topic I am very passionate about.


Perinatal Mental Health Conference

On Saturday I attended the perinatal mental health conference and was inspired once again to pursue further training in infant lead approaches to be used when treating PND. Babies and small children have so much to communicate to us if given the time and space to do so. This time and space allows the bond between parents and babies to grow resulting in secure attachment which is so important to take their relationship into the future.


Perinatal and Infant Psychology Interest Group

This week I became a committee member for the Perinatal and Infant Psychology Interest Group.

The APS Perinatal and Infant Psychology Interest Group (PIPIG) was formed to foster the theoretical, applied and professional development of perinatal and infant psychology as a specialist field within mental health. Perinatal and infant mental health is an interdisciplinary field focused on the health and development of parents and infants from the planning of conception through to three years postpartum.

The Interest Group brings together a network of psychologists interested in working in this area, with opportunities to engage in professional development from a range of health professionals with expertise in working with parents and infants. PIPIG also provides a forum for discussion, information-sharing and communication for psychologists working across a range of work settings interested in parents, infants and families.