Importance of Play

I was once again invited to speak to the Berowra ABA group. This time we discussed the value of play and what exactly this looked like. As a mother myself, I do remember looking at my children when they were infants and thinking “what on Earth do I do with you” and “how do I play with you” and “what do I need to do this”. If only I knew what I know now!

Play is important for many reasons. It shows our children we are interested in them – especially when your child leads. It helps language development including conversation ie turn taking in play extends to turn taking in conversation. It means our attention in focused on our children in that moment – making them the centre of our universe – which is important for a secure relationship. It also helps build physical and cognitive capabilities.

Play doesn’t need to be a structured activity – something planned and with an aim. Play can actually occur just in the moment…..when we blow raspberries on a babies tummy when changing nappies, nursery rhymes, reading books, playing with toys on the floor during tummy time, splashing in the bath ….. play often happens in the moment without you realising it is occurring.

So don’t be so worried about the type of play or providing things to play with and just recognise when you do it and enjoy your child moment to moment.