International Pregnancy Loss & Remembrance Day – October 15

Did you know that an estimated one in four pregnancies (103,000) end in miscarriage in Australia each year, while approximately 3,000 babies are either stillborn or die in the first 28 days after birth.

I have counselled many mums and dads following the loss of a baby, whether still in the womb or as an infant. Because it is not often spoken about, friends and family generally don’t understand the emotional loss and therefore can respond inappropriately or simply avoid the topic.


Today is International Pregnancy Loss & Remembrance Day – a day for the world to remember this loss, to grieve with those who have experienced it and to bring awareness to the topic so that it does not remain taboo. The day will end in an “International Wave of Light”, a world-wide lighting of candles at 7.00pm local time for an hour. Join with others across the world in remembering little loved ones lost.