Practice Technology

For GP and Patient convenience a number of processes have been implemented at this practice recently

Secure Messaging via ARGUS and Health Link

Referrals and MHCPs can be sent to Rhona via ARGUS or Health Link. Patients need not worry about the paperwork and GPs can be assured that referred patients are receiving the help they intended.

Rhona will send referral acceptance letters and progress reports via secure messaging in return, ensuring GPs are kept in the loop about their patients progress.

Secure messaging via these systems is the safest and most direct way to protect the privacy of patients.

GPs please refer to “information for GPs” tab on my website.


Rhona accepts payment by credit card, cash or direct debit.

Medicare Processing

Rhona electronically submits Medicare rebates for her patients thereby reducing their administration load at a time when it’s just one more thing to worry about.