Forced adoptions

I’ve recently completed some training in understanding and counselling people affected by forced adoption. This practice was still occurring into the 1980’s which means there are many people–children now grown, mothers, fathers and extended families–presently in the community around us who have direct experience of it. They may experience feelings of shame, anger, grief, depression and anxiety, and this can lead to difficulties in relationships, parenting of children, formation of identity and mental health disorders. For a long time people were told to keep quiet about their experience.

The then PM, Julia Gillard made an official apology in 2013 and although this goes some way in recognising the harm done, it is not sufficient for healing. For those who are still affected by forced adoption I would encourage you to seek out and speak to a professional about it, or if you have a family member or friend suffering, encourage them similarly. It’s never to late to heal from these types traumas.